Does my 2022 V7 Stone have a 24 hour clock mode?

The handbook picture of the “TIME” display shows 13:49, but so far, I have not found a way to switch from the 12 hour to 24 hour clock. I thought it would be in the ‘clock setting’ process. Can anyone confirm that it is available and where / how to access it.

According to the information I’ve got, you can’t. 12 hour clock only. (I’ve got the V7 850 Special.)

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That seems strange for a European bike, where 24h clocks are the norm.

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Yes, but what seems most strange is that the handbook shows the 24 hour format.

Typographical error? :grin:

My small (but extremely thick) paper owner’s manual is next to useless, can’t even find any instructions how to set the clock, hence I’m using the V7 III manual I got off the web.

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Call me crazy, but: commonly, advertising images for analog watches show the hands at (roughly) 10 to 2 (or 13:50, if you prefer). This long-standing advertising tradition has carried over to digital watches, with Apple (for example) showing images of their Apple Watches displaying the time as 10:10 … I’ll bet you the image of the V7 Stone digital clock is just some advertising nerd following what they think is ‘the advertising norm’.

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No. Not you that is crazy.
The Handbook for the Stone’ display shows to time 13.49 Hower the words applicable to the clock :-

“Clock (shown in 12-hour format, without AM/PM indication);” ( direct copy - paste from the Handbbook) .
Probably Guzzenglish and means " the clock display is in 12 hour format and not as shown in the picture"
You may wonder why I am not happy with this. Since 1963 when I was 15 and first began work on the London Underground I have been used to the 24 hour clock. As a grumpy old Git I find the 12 hour clock just very annoying.


I hear you. Any digital clock display I acquire, I immediately adjust to 24 hour format.

My venerable T3 doesn’t (as standard) have a clock of any sort, so I added an accessory one (Oxford Products item, I think). Oddly, in this context, I find a 12-hour analog display perfectly readable (at a glance, obviously) although pretty much every other clock that I use regularly is 24hr digital. I simply wouldn’t dream of putting a digital diplay on the T3. Odd, eh? (o;

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