Dog Leg - T3

Not very technical, and possibly sacreligious.

I am considering fitting dog legs to the T3 (better than wheels, I reckon) to give better clutch and brake control. Are there any that go straight on, without the need for modification?

Not sacrilegious at all, good idea if it helps make you more comfortable and in better control.

I tried some yrs ago they don’t work that well as they restrict the movement …but they are a fairly standard fitment on older bikes… wait till there is a show take an old one and just go match it up mate.

That’s what I found too ~ not enough travel for clutch and if new pads just put in the brake one is too close, if not actually touching, h/bar switch housing, which once raised an MOT advisory (‘get it sorted’ = revert to original lever) Got mine from Motomecca, dunno if they still do them.
Mike H2013-06-11 18:32:49

Thanks chaps - I might just leave them, given your feedback. Not worth spending much money on by the sound of things!

I’ve fitted brake/clutch levers from a Breva (750) to my Spada & they work a treat. It is neceessary to swap the lever brackets/master cylinder & slightly enlarge the hole/slot on the clutch lever but none of this is hard. Some Cali 1100 models are also fitted with the same kit.

I keep looking for the anodised levers for the brembo ones on the V11 Le mans, there MUST be other bikes fitted with the same levers out there. I tend to kinda nose at parked bikes at shows and the like and make a mental note…

I’m going to contradict myself, again… Prior to the rebuild I couldn’t fail to notice it had a dogleg brake lever on. You silly plonker (Rodney), what’s that on there for… Well I was reminded on Sunday going home from the Summer Camp, now that the pads are bedded in the fr. brake has gone well 'ard so’s I can only get 2 fingers around the lever, this is not helpful if a ‘good squeeze’ is required. So the dogleg’s going back on (that’s why it was on there before then ) Re the clutch, if there’s enough cable slack, same sort of effect, don’t need a special lever. HTH

Like many things it depends how big your hands are Annie has dog legs fitted to her Virago. I have OEM ones on the V1000 and span adjustable ones on the V11. But some prefer the levers close and 2 finger operation, I prefer them a bit further out and never tend to use the 2 fingers on levers, it was NOT the way I was taught, mind you twin leading shoe brakes did need a bit more of a handfull and single drum brake on an Ariel Arrow almost needed 2 hands

I would not call my fingers short, but nevertheless! Maybe it’s more about sense of control, more fingers employed = feels safer. (?)