Drawings for special tools

I was wondering if anyone has access to engineering drawings of any special tools like clutch aligners etc.

It might be an idea to have a library of these drawings I’m sure they would be useful.

Not sure this has been suggested before.

I have photos of my clutch splined cente that I use as a centering tool, a distributor spanner and a fly wheel locking plate that I have made myself, I could superimpose some dimensions on the photos? I have various other bearing drifts and bits that I have also made. I will investigate when I get some free time. I am still working as I normally do, at home alone. :smiley:

Distributor spanner

And me :smiley:

Hi all,
Please see photo of special peg spanners made at home with use of a Dremel and file. I use a suitably sized 12 point socket. (this ensures that there is plenty of wall thickness for the four pegs). an advantage of these “tools” over tube spanners is that they can be used with normal socket tommy bars as well as impact drivers and even air wrenches.