Drive hub cover temperature

Is it usual for the rear wheel drive hub cover to be warm to the touch after a few miles riding? I’m a Guzzi newbie btw, 2018 V7 Carbon Shine, it’s done just over 6k miles.

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You’ll probably want to hear from another V7 owner to be reassured, but generally: yeah, the bevel box can get hot - it’s a turning mechanical part with metal on metal gears… but it’s good to be familiar with your own bike, and really good (IMO) to be sure that you have the right oil and right amount of oil in there - given that, check things out from time to time and get to know your own bike under varying conditions (drop of spittle, before skin, on things that might be hot!)

Hi Barry, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I kind of assumed when I first noticed the box got warm that it was just what they do, then I began thinking about it, and a niggling worry began to form! Anyway, there’s oil in there [good start], and your comments put my mind at rest. Ta for that! Just got MOT today, so now we’re off…

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Happy to help. Just speaking for myself here, but knowing that there is -the right amount- of the right oil in there would make me more confident still. Cheap fix, in the grand scheme of things.