Drive Shaft Lubrication

Being totally new to Moto Guzzi mechanics, could somebody enlighten me as to how the drive shaft on my 1979 V50 ii gets its required lubrication.
There is obviously oil in the bevel box and in the gearbox so where does the drive shaft get its oil from?

Also, should I be concerned as there appears to be a very minor weep of oil from the output drive shaft oil seal in the gear box?
Thanks in advance.

Never took my V50 Monza apart, but the big block UJ’s are greased and sealed like a propshaft, and the splines just get a bit of grease on assembly.
Some people take them apart and re-lubricate periodically.


The UJ doesn’t have any means of lubrication. It is fairly well protected from muck and dirt inside the shaft. A similar device on a car sits out in the open with a constant spraying of road grime and lasts OK.
Whenever I have had mine out for any reason, I have soaked it overnight in a tub of recently drained gearbox oil hoping that some will find its way into the needle bearings. The splines at either end of the shaft should be greased every time they are exposed for any reason.
I shouldn’t worry if your seal is just weeping a bit.

Thank to both ranton_rambler and Don-Spada for the answers to my queries. They have answered my questions perfectly. Thank you very much.