drive shaft needle roller bearing removal

After using a stone age approach to remove the outer roller needle bearing in the drive shaft housing I am left with a big problem. The inner washer that I had been hitting with a drift in order to remove the bearing is totally damaged due to me hitting it so hard.
I had thought that the washer would come out with the bearing but it’s sandwiched in a deep groove in the shaft housing and no way I can see that it can be got out.

That washer is fitted from the inside so wouldn’t come out of the needle bearing side in a month of sundays. To replace that washer you will need to strip down the complete drive. You might be better off sending it to Nigel at NBS.HaydnR2013-08-03 12:39:02

It seems a shame that the era of “hit it with a lump hammer” seem to be over, although even then you had to hit it in the right direction.G.

Thanks for the advice Haydn,and diagram of internals-much appreciated.
I know you say the washer is not removable from the outside but if you notice their is an outside race30 that the new bearing31 will slip into flush. Now the old bearing is out,this outside race is the thing keeping the washer32 that I damaged in position.
If it was pushed in surely it should pull out the same direction. Sorry if I have misunderstood something here.
Anyway I have resigned myself to the fact I will never shift it even if that is the case so will be ringing NBS first thing Monday morning.
Will it still be summer by the time I get back on the road? I’m hoping!

The outer race might come loose if casing is heated in an oven, that’s the usual technique I know of, what that’ll do to the seals and such in an assembled box I wouldn’t like to say, so it may be will have to be stripped anyway. What was the original reason for disturbing this?

30 is the bearing, 31 is the bush/inner race

Though other people on here used a drift and a hammer without problems it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair.

When I stripped down my gearbox and rear drive I bought a cheap slide hammer kit from ebay and it proved to be invaluable.

What was the original problem, just wearing out?

Yes, the needle roller bearing felt like it was full of grit when I turned it with my finger. I tried to salvage it but basically it fell to bits-needle rollers everywhere and then I saw how scored the surfaces were.