Ducatidiag Software

This was a free software program written by a French guy which also read certain Guzzi ECU’s for such as a TPS reset. Sadly, it now looks as though he’s given up on it and since the software needed a free key from him for each specific supported ECU, the software will not work without it. His forum was renamed but is now down and some of the Ducati forums are speculating that he’s been leaned on and invited to desist. Hoping it resumes but maybe gone forever for new users.

Since found Guzzidiag which is from Germany which seems to do as much if not more than Ducatidiag. Uses the same leads and does not need a key to work. It also seems to support all Marelli ECUs, certainly the 15M and 15RC that my bikes have fitted. English language support as well. Has anybody actually used this?




The first link has expired or I don’t have permission?

Use the forum search facilty yourself.
For more information google it too.Brian UK2013-08-07 10:46:20

Silly me! As Brian says just go up to ‘search’ and search guzzidiag and you will see all our past posts regarding this great tool.

Removed.DaveM2013-10-21 10:29:28

Which cable did you use Dave, I’ve been having a look around and apparently different manufacturers use different chipsets, some work some don’t, so I’d like to get the right cable type. Thanks

RemovedDaveM2013-10-21 10:30:00

Thanks :slight_smile:

A real world user guide would be really useful!

I will write a users guide if enough people are interested.[/quote]
Very interested and appreciated

Definitely interested.

Me to!

Make it simple like me!

As above, simpler the better

And me.Have used it to do TPS resets but I know it’s capapable of much more.Would love be be able to make more use of it.

I’ve ordered the cables. So a guide would be very handy thanks Steve

An idiots guide would be ideal for me.
Get to it Steve! and don’t forget the Land rover bits.

If you want an idiots guide, you’re going to have to find an idiot to write it first.

I would prefer an intelligent person who is tolerant of idiots write it