DVLA - rare praise

Praise where praise is due

I imported a 1974 bike and applied to the DVLA to register it in the UK under the NOVA scheme and also to declare it Historic at the same time.

I was expecting at the least for it to take between 5-8 weeks, not only because of what I’d been told by others but also with talk of civil servant and Postal strikes.

I was also expecting to have problems getting the two things done in one application.

NO - It was smooth and quick.

14 days from posting the application to the V5 (with Historic status !!) landing on my doormat.

Well done DVLA


Hello Mr Rat,
It’s good to hear that the DVLA can be efficient sometimes. It would be nice to know what you imported, even if it’s not a Guzzi. And maybe a picture or two.


Sorry, not a Guzzi Richard.
This 1974 Ducati 750 Sport spent 35 years in a private collection. I had to wait 2 years to get it, but we’ll worth the wait.

What do you think?


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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Thank you.

Obviously I’m biased, but I think it’s one of the best looking machines ever made

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Hi there,
I also had a very similar experience last August with a 1971 NF500, the whole process took about 5 weeks , and no drama whatsoever. I found some of the forms a bit daunting ( as there is quite a bit you leave NA)
Everyone l spoke to was extremely helpful.

It’s a bit orange! But a handsome beast none the less :wink:

I too was sceptical but the colour is spot on.

The 1973 version was a brighter yellow, this 74 version much more orange.

Incidentally it looks more yellow or orange dep on lighting - fluorescent / natural / electric.

How do I know?

Firstly the colour has been confirmed personally to me by Ducati guru Ian Falloon, and secondly, included with the purchase was an original side panel, not in a condition to be used as such, but with the original orange gel coat.

It matches perfectly.

Mr Rat, my comment was tongue in cheek, it looks fantastic.

I believe Laverda used to paint their 750 SFC a similar colour so they could spot them on the race track, I wonder which came first? (the colour, not in the race!)

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Cheers Chris

Just after committing, I was offered an orange Laverda Jota. Totally original and untouched.

It was a beaut but it was very exxy!

I’d love to be in a position to have one of each of my favourites…

Guzzi Le Mans series 1
Ducati 900 SS
And my Sport

Although now, I am starting to have a hankering for an American police Loop

Ah ha !
I’ve just done that and have imported a 1973 Police Eldorado from the US, and your thread caught my eye as I haven’t done anything about the DVLA yet.

Bike arrived at the very end of November, and I have paid HMRC, and got the dating letter from the club here.
Have been wary of getting on to the DVLA as the bike is not roadworthy yet, and whether a machine over 40 years old needs an MOT for first registration seems to be a bit of a grey area.
Did you need an MOT ?

I have the Form V55/5.
Is that all I need ?
Along with all my original documents of course.


I did get an MOT but to be honest, I don’t think it is needed if you are also applying for Historic status.

I did so because I wanted the DVLA to have one less thing to do, especially as I was asking for a new reg, Historic status and MOT exemption all at the same time. You’ll be asking for it to Sorned too I suppose?

I also numbered all of the documents and included a covering letter outlining each.

That way they could mentally see that they’d got everything they needed before they checked each doc.

It was a quick and painless procedure, not the horror that I’d heard.

Best of luck

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BTW that is really lovely :heart_eyes:

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I want the same colour on a Laverda 750SF!

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Fantastic in every way!

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The Cali looks beautiful, hurry and get it registered you still have time to spend some hours pottering around the lanes, they are so comfortable everything lines up.

Bike is now registered, and last week it had its maiden voyage.
Just around the village for a bit.
First time for the bike, and my first time riding a motorcycle in over 20 years, so taking it very easy.
Front brake still needs work.
Off on a holiday at the end of the week, so it’ll have to wait till we’re back.


T.L.S. brakes usually benefit from careful adjustment
but remember
they are no use in reverse, if you are on a steep hill use the footbrake
( many years of early BMW riding, and I got caught a few times)

Aha…the TRUE origin of the “Hendon Shuffle”…that nobody knows about any more!