E C U ? - Nevada

I have a 2005 750 Nevada IE Classic, set off from work, less than a mile down the road the engine died, the RAC chap went over all the elecs, there is no spark, the fuses,relays,coils, ect all check out, he said it all pointed to the ECU. So having seen the price of a ECU on the Gutsibits website i thought it worth asking if this sounds like the cause of the problem or could there be some other issue.Any advice would be most welcome.HUW.

There are a few things to check; kill switch fault, any cut out/safety switches like the sidestand/clutch are possibles.
May be worth trawling the tech section for non-starting threads as many of the ideas/faults are common.
ECU failure isn’t unknown but is AFAIK seldom seen
Best of luck

Steve, thanks for your advise, the bike turns over fine so i assume that rules out the kill switch and clutch switch as it didnt turn over when the clutch was out or the kill switch was on, if that makes sense. Will make some calls today re the ecu to dealers ect.Thanks again,HUW.

Google Mel Robinson Guzzi.Lives outside Glagow but is your man for fi.

Engine turning over does not rule out kill switch on many Guzzis you can turn it over with the kill sw in OFF but no spark…

crank position sensor is a liklely culprit before you start swapping ecu’s

Looking at it another way…
Could you get the bike looked at rather than the ECU?
Cost may not be any greater and could save a trip up a blind alley (as it were)
All the Steve

ECU are expensive, and usually non-returnable. Guzzibrat’s idea of having a dealer look at it is good. They can put their scan tool on it and quickly see if it’s really the ECU or another component. This check shouldn’t be too expensive.Also, if a fellow close by has a home version of the scan tool they can check. Home versions include VDST (now Centurion I think), and Guzzidiag/ducatidiag.

Thanks all for your advice, the rac chap had said there was no spark so i took his word for it, when i checked there was, so i looked for a fuel issue and sure enough the hose from the pump to the filter had come off! devil to get out of the tank but glad i did because the filter was one of the half metal half plastic ones which looked ready to pop, so new filter, new bit of hose, and jubilee clips and all sorted, Thanks again,Huw.

Glad you got it sorted mate.

Isn’t it satisfying when the fix is relatively cheap and easy, contrary to your expectations?!

Tip: Never trust the RAC or AA to diagnise a problem, Had a Mercedes that had a starting issue the AA suggested new plug leads and distributor, I had second thoughts,

Went to a specialist, cost £65 to find out a relay on the alarm of all things was causing a no start now and again a few quid for the relay and job done LESS than the cost of
6X plugs/leads and distributor cap

The fuel filter/line is a notorious issue for the Nevadas of a few years ago.