E10 fuel

Just noticed my local Sainsburys petrol station has already changed to the E10 fuel. I will now be filling up with Super on the grounds that I am assuming that the E10 is not good for older bikes or the plastic tank on my Norge. Not sure about the car though (2004 Jag XJ6)

We don’t have E10 in NI yet, I have tried 95 octane and 97 in my Cali and it prefers 95 so I don’t know what I will do when 95 is all E10…
I use 97 in my other 2 bikes because I think it gets better mileage.

I have a nylon/plastic tank and currently swap between E10 and E5, mainly because I am filling up regularly. I am planning to coat the inside of the tank to make it E10 proof.

The injection pipes have been replaced as I wore a hole in one with E10 proof rubber piping.

How old is the tank?

It’s 2011, so far not swelled or expanded.

Been using in a 76 T3 with no issues so far. Always empty carbs when parked for a few days though.

Although in my Le Mans I use super for psychological reasons: I think it goes faster!

Back in the day people said you couldn’t use unleaded in a Guzzi, been using since it was introduced and no issues.

My old T3 had a métal tank and I think lemons did too. Sounds like a wise move emptying the carbs.