E10 Unleaded Fuel in France

I am just back from a weekend at the Le Mans 24hr bike race. I inadvertantly fuelled up in France with a tank of E10 fuel = 10% Ethanol. My Norge 8V did not like that! It immediately ran very roughly, popping and banging loudly on the overrun. It took two further tanks of E5 98 Octane to flush through and return the runnning to normal. Have others experienced this? My advice is …don’t do the same!

I have managed to avoid so far. The other reason to avoid is to protect the tank from ethanol attack.

Timely reminder though, off to France on my Norge next month for the Reboot week.

Avoided it.

Many years ago I used to take a bottle of octane booster with me to France, the petrol was not much better than 3 star and my Guzzi loved 4 star! I avoid putting E10 in the Stelvio these days.

Avoid E10. Caused massive problems on the Spada and even if I take the Norge I avoid it like the plague.

is this the monster that has blistered the paint on my griso plastic tank after it was resprayed? :ugeek: