Early Griso ('06) - fuel line failure.

My pal has recently been stranded at the side of the road following what now transpires to be a second occurrence of fuel line failure in the tank (I actually found him stranded at the side of the M20 when we had arranged to meet in Calais). Personally I have little faith in the mechanics at the shop that does his repairs (Newcombe’s in Chelmsford). I’m thinking that this would/should have been subject to an earlier recall anyway. What chance they’ve fitted the right parts correctly on this occasion? I don’t want to ride with him any more if his bike is going to keep doing this - bad enough that it also blows fuses, the clocks fail every time it sees rain and the relays work only sporadically.

This is pipe blowing off is it?

Mine had received the recall “fix” and the pipe still blew off. Â The picture below shows the improved clear pipe that still swelled and failed.

I replaced it with some proper submersible fuel hose and some decent pipe clamps and so far all has been fine. Â The outlet pipe of the pump is very smooth though with little for the hose to grip on to.

Did some more on-line research into this. Looks somewhat questionable as to whether it was really treated as a proper recall in the UK. So in short, it’s down to the wrong selection of material in the first instance, the way it’s all allowed to rock around in the tank, and the actual fastenings themselves. Given that this is the second time it has occurred on my pals bike and the same shop that did the repair last time has done it again now there’s no reason to be overly confident that it’s a good 'un.

This is the stuff you need to do the job properly :-

Thanks. He’s a bit inept really. I’d offered to look at that, make a documented req’d wiring change and fit a Finebau for him, but he can’t really engage with it all. Maybe I’m a bit overbearing?

I guess he’ll ride it until it breaks again, and I’ll just have to make sure I’m not on the road with him when it happens.

there were x2 notices about this from MG clear pipe first …black pipe 2nd .

2nd fixed it …ho ho ho .

There is a simple fix to get arround this poblem if you put the short pipe where the long one is in the photo you can then cable tie the filter to the pump then have the long pipe coming off the top of the filter and bobs your uncle.I did this after seeing some youtube footage about 2 years ago and the only fault i have found is that you can see the long pipe when you fill up