Early Stelvio rhino clamps.

Well it’s ok buying the cheapest Stelvio in Europe so long as your prepared for a few shocks. :astonished:

I’ve been giving the Stelvio thorough clean and it’s coming up very nicely, unfortunately whilst cleaning the front wheel area I’ve come across the well documented split on the ‘Rhino horn’ clamps on the front wheel spindle. (only the offside clamp affected )
I did ask the previous owner if this area was fully intact and he assured me it was, although to be fair it did need a thorough clean and close inspection to see the very fine crack, which only goes from the outer edge to the first pinch bolt hole. One of the disadvantages of not seeing the bike before purchase.

Did anyone ever come up with a fix, other than buying a new lower stanchion. Did anyone ever have it successfully welded ?.

Well, I don’t think there is a used Stelvio lower fork leg in Europe. So I ended up taking it to an engineering company that had been recommended.

Apparently, although the crack only looked to go from the outer edge to the first bolt hole it actually went all the way through.
The guy who did it cut a fine V along the crack and welded it, he also welded up the bolt recesses, which in his opinion was the cause of the weakness. He then reamed out the spindle hole and put a liner in.

All in all looks like a good job.

Congratulations! :smiley:

We could use the address for future reference.
Drop a line to Gambo as well.

Nice one! There are some great engineers out there.