Easy USA-UK MPG converter

Most Guzzis with 'puters have them set to US Gallons here is an easy converter

NB 42 US MPG = 50.44 UK MPG

Have you ever wondered why a US gallon is different to a UK one.

Somebod y(Brian?) has already answered that.The American terrorists grabbed independance with French help before our standard Imperial units came into being.As Brian says, they should’ve kept to making tea.

I wonder if some techie can come up with an algorithm to change the actual readout on Guzzis to Imperial gallons?

Interestingly (well, depends on the person, might be incredibly tedious) it is the adoption by the two states of two previously existing gallon measurements. There were three types of gallon - the wine, the beer and the dry. Britain adopted (a slightly modified) beer gallon and the US adopted the wine gallon as their fluid measurements at slightly different times. Wine having a higher specific gravity has a lower volume for the same weight.

Now I read it back, it is tedious. Ho hum…

I have to say this is a fascinating topic.Where’s the popcorn?

I always thought it was because the americans couldn’t cope with there being 16 oz to the lb, but 20 fl oz to the pint.In America there are 16 in both cases. Maybe we should all go metric. Of course they would have to sell beer by the litre too.
Brian UK2013-08-28 10:17:00

I can drink in metric, no problem.I thought UK went metric in 1965.


I can drink in metric, no problem.I thought UK went metric in 1965.[/QUOTE]

We did. We’re just really bad at it!

My kids are mostly metric though…

Why oh why did we ever get ris of that nice easy £, s and d.So much easier back then.

240 pence in the pound and guineas too. I remember when I was a kid all the furniture shops had the price of settees in Guineas. Lol

My pocket money went up by 3d a year per week.6d used to get you a Matchbox car.I make that £0.75 now.Not worth it.

While our units of measure in the US are a bit strange, I’m still trying to find the “stone” that you guys used to base your weight measurement on. As for currency, I think we’re all going to have to start learning about the Yuan.

16 ozs to 1lb14lbs to 1 stone.It’s easy really.