Eats & Campsites in Wales

I’m planing a 4 day trip around Wales later this year

Any recommendations for interesting places to eat lunch or campsites.

Campsites can be one of 2 types
Totally remote with very little about
Walking distance to a town or good food pub



Would that be proper Wales…or the suburb of Liverpool… :laughing: …ok ok…I’ll get me coat…

It should end up something like this taking in 4 or 5 National Parks or AONB … with excursions off piste for interesting things :wink: (Note the M’ways will be avoided wherever possible - I be on a Breva 1100 -not a Hardly Barge :laughing: )

I see you are passing the cat and fiddle inn?

Its currently shut down again due to stupid greedy breweries!!

Crackin route Tris…you pass very close to us in Stoke if you want to overnite…mite even feed ya !

Not been for a few years but the campsite at Dinas Mawddyy always used to be a nice spot to camp- very quiet village and you can camp on a remote terrace away from the site if you want to have a beer and a chat after you get back from the local pub (Llew Coch) which also did excellent food. There is a cafe about 2 mins ride down the road if you want a fry up in the morning. Excellent biking roads too- in fact you can get to Dinas Mawddyy from Bala way by going over the Bwlch-Y-Groes pass.

The Cat & Fiddle, Horseshoe Pass and Devils Staircase from Llanwrtyd Wells are all in there 'cos I’ve never ridden them

I could easily switch from Barmouth to Dinas Mawddyy for the 3rd nights sleep Guy so I’ll check that out
EDIT - that looks a better option to where I was going plus will allow me time for some more interesting roads on the last day before the blast for home - good call

Cheers Kate I’ll give you a shout if that becomes an option