Eldorado engine pushrods

Just wondered if anyone can help with were I might get some engine pushrods for my Eldo 850. One of mine is a bit on the bent side, causing a little rattle!!! :astonished:

Will it straighten?

I’d guess Cycle Garden will have them. But by the time you’ve done postage and then got collared on duty that won’t be a cheap option.


Thanks…I don’t think it will straighten, Twiggers moto guzzi suggested getting a new one :confused: Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

Usual suspects for secondhand parts are Gutsibits or reboot. Google will quickly find both if you are not familiar with the names.
Alternatively find the part number and google search for it along with Guzzi, it often comes uo with results.
Parts mnuals are available here