Eleck tickery black magic - T5

i took the fairing off the T5 polizia to fit a new speedo cable. i have the lights etc on push pull pittings to make it easy to take off.

fitted the cable and put it all back on again. started bike up for the morning commute today and noticed the following:

  1. the charging light does not come on to indicate a charge

  2. the neutral light does not come on at all

  3. the charging light comes on when i put gear in neutral

  4. the ammeter lights up but does not indicate charge

  5. bike starts and runs great

i took fairing back off again tonight and checked all connections, all solid

Discussjim mac2013-06-06 19:42:52

Dunno about that bike but to me I would wriggle the 12 and 15 way blocks if you have them. Or it could be an earth connector

first thing i thought of was the earth as they all share a common wire, earthed two places, but not that. just wondering if running the speedo cable under the tank has moved something - check that tomorrow

Could do mate One time when I put a new speedo cable in I disturbed a n earth and when I switched on power fed thro the speedo outer, …not good.

You can easily loosen aconnector in the console when doing the speedo and alot of them link in to each other power and earth… looks like it is a connector loose buddy, bite the bullet time.

Check the 4 wires on the back of the ignition switch are still in place

The fact that the charging light comes on when you select neutral suggests a crossed wire somewhere. The charge indicator should not be connected to an earth, or have you got a Saprisa alternator?

To be fair any time I have to go into the dash on the V1000 I kinda take a deeeeep breath and have to put it back real careful …i have lost count of the times one of the bulbs has come loose or an errant wire did not go back where it oughta leaving some sort of fault so it all has to come off again.
I NOW check everything with no bolts in it
Then 2 opposite side X wise bolts in and finally with all 4 in…than again with the screen back on… them there elektrikery gremlins are stubborn lil bu**ers and damn sneaky

Are idiot light bulbs on a circuit board, if they are, edge connector may be dislodged or moved sideways, only way I can think of how to get the crossed connection.

all the lights are individually wired - it is a 1985 bike. the ammeter has two reds coming into same point ( or one in and out) the earth on it is probably the light - they work.

i was pulling it about last night and got idiot lights - this time the charging light (neutral) and the brake warning light - pulled the hanbrake and both instantly went out. took tank off this morning - nothing disturbed. took all the multi connectors off and cleaned them then tight back. still nothing

Are either of the t5 diagrams anywhere near yours Jim. There is not one for the Police model unfortunately.
It seems nearer the series 1 version if the lights are wired seperately.Brian UK2013-06-08 13:21:29

I had been looking at the first T5 diagram,but i think the series one is probably it. onlu commonaltiy i can see is thtat everyting runs through the bif 15 pin molex. i have pulled that several times and cleaned it but looks like i am going to have to strip it.
evrything else works fine, starts, rear brake works on pedal etc, indicators, bike is charging ok - just the idiot lights living up to their namejim mac2013-06-08 20:28:17

mk1 is 16" front and back wheels

It doesn’t show that on the wiring diagram. But then it’s a Police model, so the wiring is bound to be non standard. Somethng odd Jim, you say it’s charging OK but the charge light doesn’t come on. But you would have a Bosch alternator, and that uses the charge light to start the charging off. So if it’s not lighting it must be shorted out somehow.

Did all this start only after fitting new speedo cable? If so you did something… Needs a methodical step-by-step examination, not just guessing amd poking here and there

there aint no way but the hard way ,so get used to it .Thats how i got me 1100 sorted .Best of luck

Best advice with elektrikery faults is to spen alot of time LOOKING and checking TWICE the obvious.

The Molex can get cruddy and just need the sockets pinching with very thin pliers, to swap thm is a hell of a job bud and they rerely really need replacing

If you opened the dash it could more likely be a wire off. main or earth OR bulb connector they are prone to just dissing a bulb which then blows it or a trapped wire.

I have to really be very careful going in there and rarely does it go back on without some elektrikery gremlin showing up.

As Johnno ses it is time consuming methodical slowly does it… if you were close by I would pop over and gie ye a hand …but sadly y are too far away.

Quite right GB, i checked all the obvious and couldn’t find a thing. i followed the speedo cable all the way back -nothing moved.
checked my newly printed A3 wiring diagram (with laminate cover) and checked all connectors etc for the 5th time, nothing. stood back scratched my head and looked the the chart again - might as well check the fuse box, nothing ventured - all fine none blown, and anyway the speedo cable doesn’t go near it. took out fuse 4 and wiped it with my finger - put it back in and all fine _ Now what the flip is that all about - a fuse - that i didnt touch - got dirty and just happened to decide to play up when i fitted the speedo cable.

dont ya just love Guzzi’s

Oh yeah every time BUT you found it mate… I replaced my alloy fuses with a set of copper ones, I do clean them regularly and monthly just basically twirl each one and apply contact cleaner and vaseline every so often… I actually had a Mercedes with these type of fuses and had one basically corrode at the end causing a problem but the fuse LOOKED OK untill I took it out then it was very obvious…

Job done mate…'nother lesson learned…

Yep I’ve had fuses stop just like that - e.g. indicators stop working coming into Abergavenney on the A40 once, only mention that because means I’d been riding at least 2 - 3 hours up to then!

Stop and wiggle fuse, OK again.
Mike H2013-06-12 14:22:36

Appendix to the above ~ a note to them’s that have got hazard flashers that are permanently live, battery positive attracts corrosion so don’t be surprised if your hazard switches and flashers start playing up. Even had a ring terminal disintegrate once!