Electronic Ignition Advice

My 1979 V50 Mk2 has a Sachse ZDG3 electronic ignition which the previous owner installed. He told me that he went this route to eliminate the 3000rpm flat spot. However, it is still there and in top at 60mph the engine is spinning in that large trough!

Does anyone have any experience with this system and how this needs setting up to smooth this flat spot out please?

not a set up I have heard of, but if you goggle sachse electronics zdg3 digital ignition system there appears to be a reasonable amount of infro around.

Which model of ignition is this. Is it the one where it fits on the outside/front of the Alternator? The ignition map curve you want is number 4
All the best

Google “moto guzzi v50 flat spot” it is notorious unfortunately. Some say the Mk II electronc ignitiion causes it, or it’s model specific e.g. Monza.

Just fitted this system. I am using map 5. Slightly too retarded at tick over but fine at the important revs. Now no flat spot pulls well throughout.