Electronic ignition for small block

Replacement Motoplat parts are available (but expensive) if your search for them.
All excepting the condenser.
All this has been posted before, a search may be helpful. Â I have been unable to discover the Faraday rating of this condenser and therefore an alternative. If you (anyone?) has a working one they could test for capacitance … that would be groovy.

Alternative solutions include:
DynaS https://dynacart.dynojet.com/p-1121-dyna-s-ignition-system-for-moto-guzzi-v35-v50-v65.aspx
SilentHektik http://www.motoguzzisales.co.uk/Silent%20Hektik.htm
IgniTech http://www.ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky

See here:

As a matter if interest just been in touch with Cliff Jeffries regarding the recignition unit as I heard he was ceasing the development of it. Seems not to be the case!

from CJ…

My Guzzi book says the original V50 was Bosch and then the MkII they switched back to points.
I do have the RecIgnition MkII available but have only released the digital input version. If you want to do the leg work getting waveforms of the current system I’ll put in the work to finalise the analog version.

Any takers?

Oh dear, gonna have to show my ignorance :blush:Â

Are the Saprisa/Motoplat pickup hall effect (digital) [This is what I had assumed] or reluctors (analogue)

“The are two different variants of Rec-Ignition. One is for digital inputs like points or Dyna hall effect inputs. The are characterized by the inputs being pulled to ground and then released for the spark. The 2nd is for analogue type inputs - pickup coils or reluctors. The same circuit board is used for each but each is populated with components differently”

Some sites list the Motoplat amplifiers as CDI, some as TCI {no idea}Â :confused:

I guess I would need an oscilloscope of something like that to play with CJ, which I don’t.

On the other hand, I have just found another alternative supplier … plug and play for those of use who are seriously confused.

Edit: and another!

Me too. I am now hopelessly confused as to what lurks under the alternator. I was going to pop this off this afternoon and take a decko on my latest acquisition but decided a wee snooze before the “bells” would be a better idea.
I believed it was digital (early Guzzi trial) on the 50/2 before reverting to points on the 50/3. Needs alot more investigation. I neither have a scope, nor access to one at present, so legwork aborted meantime.

edit: crap gramer

Interesting thread with ignition content over on ADVÂ