Electronic ignition with no distributor?

I’ve an 81 Spada with Lucas Rita electronic ignition. Is t
It possible to adapt the alternator mount (or equivalent) to give me an ignition pickup so I can dispense either the distributor?

their is one availiable the mounts on the front of alternator not sure if its suitable for standard alternator and computer wont let me google it for noe


A mate fitted an Australian electronic ignition system to his girlfriends V50. That used a home made pick up mounted on the end of the crank, behind the rotor. A magnet on the shaft and a wound coil for the pick up.

Ok that’s helpful. I’m replacing the alternator with a permanent magnet unit, and wanted to eliminate the alternator altogether. I’ll probably use a single dual-output coil

Thanks for the info - the Sachsen unit looks ideal, I’ll just have to save up!

For info my son fitted this unit to his 1993 SP3 a couple of years ago. It is excellent and a great improvement on the original Italian units (we experienced repeated failures of the expensive original-replacement electronic units and fried a few coils).Now starts every time and performance/economy is very good.It is straightforward to fit and the guy is very helpful.

I’ve also found that the Dyna III unit will do what I want & apparently there is a crank sensor available

Very good results on my G5 special with the saches unit + leccy charging items , all fitted under the alternator cover , not cheap but very positive + good firm to deal with .