Electronic ignition

Has anyone fitted electronic ignition to a Nuovo Falcone?
If so, from which supplier and how good or reliable has it been?
I have a Lucas Rita system on my G5 which has been excellent

I own a Nuvov Falcone and love the thing. The engine is so low reving that I wouldn’t bother. There is the train of thought that should your electronic ignition play up there’s no pulling the cover off to do a get you home repair. That said what I would like is what I have fitted to my old Mz, which isn’t a fully elctroic system but a set up which removes the points and replaces them with a magentic pick up.

Thanks , need to give this some thought, I have seen the thoughts that if the electronics go you are stuck, however the Lucas Rita fitted to my G5 is now 40 years old and so far has been trouble free.

I also have a RITA on my Spada. The only thing I don’t like is that it seems to need a good voltage to energise it. The other morning I couldn’t start the bike. It was cranking over fairly slowly and didn’t show any sign of firing. I think the RITA needs about 11V so I guess the starter current was dragging the battery down. I think a points system would have coughed into life.
I have a spare RITA box to carry on long trips but have not needed it yet.

I’m not aware of anyone that produces a system for the nuovo falcone. I even tried Vape / Powerdynamo having just ordered one of their systems for my Stornello scrambler.
Interesting to see they produce a kit for the big block Le-Mans etc but have never heard much mention of it.