Found this on the Wild Guzzi site, may be of interest to some.
Written and posted by John Noble…

Witswits2012-03-03 12:27:38

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Nice one Jamie. Bedtime reading tonight.g

Intresting read

saved for future digestion.


What he Said

I wonder how much I should do and how much is nice to have

Please excuse a dumb post from a new member of this forum, but I have a 2001 Cali EV and recently the lights have been intermittent, as though there is a loose connection somewhere. I’m no mechanic, so would appreciate any members’ thoughts on whether there are simple tests for an idiot like me to try, or whether I need to find a friendly Guzzi mechanic down near Plymouth somewhere. I have read the chapter in this manual Wits posted, and sadly it has glided over my head. Thanks, Simon

+1. A quick read shows good sense and a good sense of humour.
Another one added to my travelling memory stick.

What a great piece of writing, with lots of excellent ideas for improvements.Geoff

Hello Simon
Are you the owner of the black & grey EV Cali - we met up in the centre of Plymouth a few weeks ago?
Sorry to hear you’ve still got problems with the lights, if your looking for a friendly, competent mechanic to sort out your electrics I can recommend Pete Elsey who runs a motorcycle repair/MOT workshop in Plymouth.
He’s fettled several fellow Guzzi owners bikes and has been in the business for more than 30 years so he knows a thing or two when it comes to bikes, if you visit him don’t be put off by the somewhat untidy workshop this only hides his absolute mastery of anything to do with two wheels.
His contact: E&E Motorcycles, Bath Place West, Plymouth PL1 3NH
Tel: 01752 665141
Hope to see you one evening at our monthly meets, first Wednesday at Turtley Corn Mill nr South Brent 7:30

Hi Guys

Go gently on me first post to the forum.

Wrote it a while back and have added to it a bit. I’m going to get of my a**e and let Rod have another review of it.

When its done I’ll post up and you can download the latest version (if you want). It doesn’t incorporate huge changes but expands on some of what was written already

Oh and thanks for the kind comments


Hi John,
We meet again


Hi Here is another dull question, is the T series specifically T4 positive or negatively earthed?

Many thanks

As far as I know positive earthing stopped by the 1970’s, so I would say almost certainly negative.

I was hoping to fit one of those Boyer inductive thingees and they come in +&-. Though I am not clear whether they fit Guzzis

Thanks for the tip

T4 is later than T3 which was negative earth, so still negative. Can’t find Boyer ignition for MG…

Nor I, but there inductive ignition box which takes the load off the points is advertised for cars, cannot remember the last single cylinder car they made, so it ought to fit, I will check them out tomorrow.

Thanks for the pointers

I would recommend looking at the Lumenition electonic ignition if you want to go down that route. I fitted it’s predecessor, the Piranha system years ago on my Spada and it is wonderful.

Hello,I stumbled across this fine place after trying to search for useful resources. I have owned an 1100 sport injection for nearly 10 years, but it has become very neglected after the gremlins got to it a few years ago & gave it a reluctance to start. (electrical/wiring loom i’m thinking) I really think I need to make a project of it & strip right back & restore. Can anyone here point me in the right direction for any useful info to look at common/known issues that i should address while i’m at it?

VeeTwin2013-04-18 14:06:25

I’ve just read this and can honestly say it is the most useful explanation of how bike wiring (or old classic car wiring) works I have ever read. Well done and thank you.

I would call myself ‘semi-competent’ with auto electrics but from time to time call on a proper expert to sort me out. This will help me at least diagnose problems so I can decide when and who to call.

If anyone needs a mobile bike electrical engineer to come and work in their own garage I can recommend Ferret of http://www.motorcyclewiring.co.uk
I built a Norton Rotary Racer and made a rudimentary wiring loom myself so I could test it and get it MOT’d but had Ferret make a bespoke loom and switch system once the bike was sorted. It wasn’t cheap but it is now 100% reliable and sorted. Well worth it.