Engine Breather ?

URL=http://s1216.photobucket.com/user/TheCivilOne/media/19042013814.jpg.html][/URL] I have several questions. I got this with the Bike ! … In “The Box” i have an idea where it goes , but could someone make it easy for me to place the Pipes that come out of it in their proper slots , A photograph would be Great. It is cosmetically challenged , but sound. There is a Washer loose inside the Housing , i cant figure how it got there or how to get it out , or even where its supposed to be . Could someone explain what the washer is for ? is it functional ? Is it OK to Use . My basic understanding is it is the Engine breather , on Airhead Bmw,s two of the out pipes go into the carb breather pipe , just inside the Airbox. Ps : i dont have an Airbox

It looks very much like an early Le Mans breather box. Large tube is the inlet from the crankcase, smaller one next to it is the outlet to atmosphere. The 2 remaining ones take the breather tubes from the rocker boxes.If the washer is rattling it probably means the flap valve inside has been disabled as per advice from Guzziology.Sounds good to go

it,s a leman breather box used to replace the standard breather box when pod filters are fitted,dont know about the washer,sorry dont have a pic

As mentioned above for where the various pipes go

When you say there’s a washer loose inside, do you mean literally rattling around loose? This is most likely its own non-return valve aka ‘flap valve’, which most ‘in-the-know’ users want to disable. One way is break off the rod it’s normally mounted on, then it’s loose inside, but it leaves the crankcase tube fully open, which is the desired result.

Here’s my picture for it:

That Sir is , what i am after … Thanks Phil