engine front bolt and gearbox bolt

How tight should a big block toni’s front bolt and main gearbox bolt be done upis there a specific torque or do i need 6ft of scafolding

There will be a torque setting but Brians technique is fine.Half inch drive breaker bar, tighten till you fart.If you are 20 stone, 6’6’’ and built like Garth then amend to suit.Grease them well first and then leave alone till they need to come out.If greased properly then the 6 monthly turn em a bit is a waste of time and could lead to scraping the grease off.I use bog standard grease and copperslip on the threads.

I break 'em doing that so I prefer to use a tourque wrench , cos it dun’t half make a mess if ya follow through …

I found the list of settings these are for the V1000/G5/Convert/T3/Le Mans /850-1000cc bikes.

Bolts & Studs Cyl Head to Crankcase … 29-30 ft lbs
Spark Plugs 14-21 ft lbs
Cap Screw oil mist recovery pipe (dia 12x1.5mm) 29 ft lbs
Self Locking nut con-rod caps securing bolts …33-34 ft lbs
Bolt rocker pin securing 4.2-4.5 ft lbs
Bolt flywheel to crankshaft 30 ft lbs
Nut gear to camshaft 108 ft lbs
Screws intake pipe 14 ft lbs
Cap screw oil delivery pipe to cyl head (8x1.25mm) 10.5-12 ft lbs
Nut front & rear engine securing studs to frame 57 ft lbs
Nut layshaft securing 115-130 ft lbs
Oil filler plug on gearbox and rear drive box 21 ft lbs
Oil level and drain plugs, gear box and rear drive box 18 ft lbs
Safety nut layshaft 50-57 ft lbs
Nut bearing to bevel pinion 130-145 ft lbs
Screw crown wheel to hollow spindle 29-30 ft lbs
Bolts cradle to frame securing 57 ft lbs
Nut cradle to frame securing screws 57 ft lbs
Cap nuts, swing arm spindle 57 ft lbs
Nuts drive box to swing arm 25 ft lbs
Top plugs front forks 87-108 ft lbs
Nut front and rear spindle 100-108 ft lbs
Bush steering lock 122-130 ft lbs

Standard settings…

6mm screws and nuts 4.5-8 ft lbs

8mm Screws and nuts 18-21 ft lbs

10mm screws and nuts 33-37 ft lbs

tttthats all folks I hope it may be of use to some one

NB 850 Dennis the tourque settings for the flywheel bolts are 30 ft lbs and they are high tension bolts

“The older I get, the better I was!”

Yeah think ill get the torque wench out

The thought of damaging the front cover or narrowing the gearbox casing and following through on the same night does not appeal!

And riding a t5 gets you close to one if the outcomes on a regular basis!!

Some of you older folk fart with the strain of lifting a spanner so I wouldn’t trust you with my nuts.

Trust me I’m not going near your nuts…

Oh right took me a while to find it but it’s this one: Nut front & rear engine securing studs to frame 57 ft lbs

Yeah it is the 4th down from the highlighted one in the list above dear Mike

To be honest I have 2 tourque wrenches

One is from Halfords and the dial type

the other is the one with the protractor type thing and is I find easier and as accurate to use and cheaper to buy

Worth looking at this test , Halfords came up best buy !!

worth looking an e-bay and Amazon

I was chuckling at the thought of someone tightening the bolt till they Farted , Annie asked what was so funny so I told her, she is still chuckling at the thought…

"Guzzi Garage… eeeerrrooooommmmph ““parrrrp!” OOOppps Aaaaaaahhhhh”

as opposed to " tic tic tic CLICK!" guzzibear2013-07-31 11:59:18