Engine number dating?

Only just got here and he’s asking a question already…

My V50 started life as a V35 and was imported to the UK some time ago. It has a V50 engine fitted but I can’t find out what type it is - V50 i, 2 or 3.

Its number is PB16157. Any suggestions?

Welcome. Is it points or electronic ignition?

Don’t know, haven’t had the front cover off. It does have the Bosch ignition modules under the tank so assume electronic.

I’d guess if it has points they will be fairly obvious in there. I thought the ign modules were further back on the mk II - under toward the back of each side of the seat? (yeah - I ought to know). Are the carbs sq body or round?

Square. The ignition amplifiers are up near the front of the tank.

I think the mk III had round body carbs.

Guzzi frame numbers don’t tend to match the engine number but I would expect they will have the same prefix.
The database on the Dutch owners club says a PB reference is a V50 Mk2, so it is reasonable to assume the engine would be similar.
A V50 mark 3 would have a PF prefix and a Monza PE.

Many thanks, that’s probably good enough for my purposes.