Engine number VG 218736 Spada 950


Im new and trying to find a year for my engine, Im guessing 1983 approx?

VG 218736 Spada 950

Thank you in anticipation.


Others might know differently, but I’m not sure that you can date a Moto Guzzi engine accurately, short of contacting the factory. There are some sources online which provide frame number ranges (this being one example) but (in the UK, a least, frame and engine numbers do not necessarily match (different matter in the USA, I understand).

If you are a member, the MGCGB offers a ‘machine dating service’: Machine Dating Service | Moto Guzzi Club GB

Hope this helps, at least a little!

As Barry says, it is difficult to date an engine. The Spada (SP1000) as made from 77 to 1984. MG Database modellen
Spada frame numbers were slotted into the G5 frame numbers (same VG prefix) Although engine and frame numbers do not match, i would assume they run roughly along a similar line and so yours would probabaly be nearer the end of the run.
More details here MG Framenummers
The Spada 2 was introduced in 84 and that has a square barrel motor.