Engine pinking under load at motorway speeds.

I have recently bought a 2007 NORGE (2 valve) with 18,000 miles on the clock. Â The engine runs well but when accelerating or going up hill at motorway speeds the engine appears to 'pink (suffers detonation) on anything less than full throttle.

I have only used one tank of fuel thus far which was regular unleaded. Â Should I be using a higher grade of fuel or does something else cause this problem

Your thoughts please.Â

I’ed try fuel with a with a higher octane rating first and see if it makes a difference. My Quota pinks on load using ordinary unleaded but is okay using Shell V Power. (Other brands available!)

it should not pink under load, the 2valv engine is not leanburn, as the timing sliped or do the tappets need adjusting.

My 2006 Norge does this. It used to bother me, but seems restricted to hot days when I can’t be bothered to change down a gear when I need to wind it up.

Personally, I DO think Super Unleaded makes the whole bike better.

It’s a Guzzi, it’s teaching you how it wants you to ride it.