Engine sump sealing washers

Does anyone have the dimensions for the gearbox and engine oil drain bolt sealing washers on the 8v (stelvio etc)

Is there any real difference between using copper washers as opposed to aluminium type?

From T3 to the EV I’ve used fibre, copper and aluminium without a problem other than the daft sizes
Usually end up buying the correct o/d and drilling them out.
Best of luck

I’ve started to use Dowty Washers on all my drain/filler plugs.

They have a built in ‘O’ ring and are very effective. They are reusable too.

Where do you get your Dowty washers from, GTM, they seem to be a rare item in this neck of the woods?Cheers, Gerry.

Never had a problem with aluminium. Provided are new, you might reuse if you can aneal. Never had much luck with copper, except the BMW’s ones but they’re a special design.

Can always go down this route



Just search Ebay Gerry. Cheap as chips.

Yes. I get mine from ebay too.