Engine temp sensor holder, 1200 sport

Whilst I had the tank off my 2V 1200 sport today (changing the air filter and unblocking the water drain pipe that passes through the tank from the filler cap area,) I thought I’d see if I could remove the black plastic housing on the RH cylinder head that the engine temperature sensor screws into. I remember reading on the now defunct ‘1200 sport’ forum that changing the plastic housing for a brass housing improves the thermal comductivity to the sensor and reduces the time the engine runs ‘rich’ during warm-up. Judging by my fuel consumption readout my bike seems to have very poor fuel consumption for many miles whilst the engine is warming-up (perhaps 10-20 miles or more,) before the consumption settles down to a more reasonable figure.
Unfortunately, I managed to break the plastic housing whilst trying to gently unscrew it! Oh well, I thought now is the time to replace it with the improved brass replacement and I’ve spent most of this evening on the internet trying to find it - without success.
Does anyone know where I can find a brass replacement?

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Engine temp sensorMackers2014-08-31 00:26:17

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I have dealt with MG Cycle and they were good, but bear in mind that you will have to pay a lot for freight and import vat. Allow another $50 or so.

Temp sensor

Thanks for the replies, but the eng temp sensor is intact. It’s the black plastic housing/holder that the sensor screws into that has broke. The plastic housing has a brass male threaded section on the end that screws into the head. Gutsibits appear to list the same black plastic/brass housing as a ‘Support for oil temp sensor’ ELA29961. Although I could use this, Id prefer to fit a one piece brass part if this is still available.

The old 'read the effing question" trick. Try these:



Thanks, that looks like the part I need, although it doesn’t mention if it fits the 1200 sport- I’ll e-mail them and find out. It’s a pity I no longer have access to a lathe or I’d attempt to turn one down from hexagonal brass bar.