Erratic rev needle

not had the cali 1100i out much this year as riding the other cali more , so filled up new fuel checked all over , lights fine , fired without any problem and runs smooth. Took it out for a good run and noticed rev needle going its nuts up & down really erratic then going back to normal settings for a short while bike running fine & starting without any issues . Have checked wiring and all looks well, Â ticks over great . Do not have any issues like this on other cali .Â

Mine stops at 500 RPM whether the engine is running or not

I’m never sure if the rev counter ignores the 1st 500RPM or if I should set the idle at 2000 RPM :laughing: :laughing:

Do you have any kind of spasm in your throttle hand?

It normally sits  around 950 1050 revs - checked throttle to linkages all working freelyÂ

I know what you mean! Yes mine is like that.

And the speedo starts at 10 mph. Dashed awkward where car park etc. speed limit sign says ‘5’ …

The Sportie 1100 had an issue with this if the earth path from the instruments to the main frame was corroded. Running a new earth from the tach to the frame may cure it Kev. Could try a temp strap to see if it does help initially.

Going into man cave this afternoon will try that gav as wiring nice and tidy in there not touched from new, so might just be age thing?Â

Rev counter now DEAD and shows 500 RPM at all times :frowning:

I assume its knackered internally but will probably wait until the winter to tear into it