Essex Branch meeting 26 March 2023 Woodham Walter

The next Essex branch meeting will be on Sunday 26th March 2023 at The Cats, Blue Mill Lane, Woodham Walter, Essex CM9 6LS. It is a small pub in the countryside near Maldon. The landlord is in his 90’s and needs the help of his partner to run the pub. Unfortunately she has not been well and so the pub was shut last week. I will keep you all updated as to when it reopens and if it will be open on the day of our visit.

It is certainly worth a visit as it is a little gem! Please note that the bar is cash only and there is no food apart from crisps and nuts.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

As it appears to be your local, we will all expect to see you there. :grin:

It is still shut following the landlady’s fall, her husband is in his 90’s and needs her help to run the pub. It is defiantly worth a visit but if it is not open nearer the date I would suggest the Queen Victoria just up the road. I will keep you all updated on her recovery.

@ Richard, I might be there, we will see!

Thanks for the update chris. Sorry to hear about the landlady’s fall but will definitely visit it defiantly at some point in the future.


I have just heard that the Cats will be opening again on Tuesday 21st March, in time for the next branch meeting.

Best wishes Chris

Woo Hoo! Good to know. Hope to see you there Chris.

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I will be in London that day, grandson’s birthday treat. Enjoy the Cats

hi Chris, just double checking that the meeting at the Cats is still on . Planning to ride over from cambridgeshire to meet you lot cheers MICK

Hello Mick and welcome to the forum. The pub will be open but I will not be there a my post above. I expect that others will be there though, Richard has said he will be (see his post above), maybe one of the Essex branch leaders could answer your question, as I no longer run the Essex branch.

Best wishes Chris

Hi Mick, just to confirm the meeting at the Cats is still on. We’re aiming to meet from 1pm onwards, love Evie

Hi Evie
Thats great, hopefully get to meet you all next week
Cheers Mick

Well, I’ll be seeing you. I got mixed up with last week when I was too wiped out to attend a meeting that didn’t happen anyway … :upside_down_face:

Hi, I am new to the club and live in Tollesbury, Essex. I am thinking of coming over to Steeple Bumpstead on the 16th. What are the arrangements…do you book a table for food etc ?
Thanks Tony Poulter

Hi Tony, and welcome to the club. Sorry for the slow reply.

I don’t think anyone ever bothers to book a table for these gatherings, but there’s no harm in doing that if you want. (It may even be very wise).
If you turn up around 1 o’clock you’re sure to find some of the mob already there.


Blimey! I’ve just looked up Tollesbury and you’re at the other end of Essex from Steeple Bumstead! I hope the weather will be fine on Sunday.

Hello Tony, I am only just up the road from you in Great Totham. Not sure if I will make it on Sunday as I am taking my bike to Baldrick this week.

Enjoy the ride

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the club. I’m in Goldhanger so if you fancy a beer in the Chequers or down your way, then I’m sure we could arrange something. :grinning: