EV 80 Low RPM rattle

Hi folks, 1st post for me and hopefully someone can help. I purchased a very low mileage EV80 California last summer and love it. Even the Poltrona Frau maroon leather is growing on me now, although I’ll need to find a way of properly securing the pannier straps which wouldn’t even properly secure a handbag!

Anyhow, my main issue is an annoying rattle. or resonant buzz that would only appear on the overrun when closing the throttle/decelerating when engine rpm passed 1500. It sounded like something loose in the exhaust and I spent much time trying to figure it.
I finally found that on the RH downpipe there is a couple of mm clearance between the pipe and the frame and on the left side nothing and the downpipe is in contact with the frame and causing the resonance at that particular rpm.

I managed to carefully force a slight gap, allowing enough clearance to insert some thick gasket paper which has allowed just enough insulation to prevent the engine vibes been transferred to the frame. Its obviously a temporary bodge however and I’m wondering if someone more familiar with the EV’s has experienced this and has a more acceptable solution. For example can a bit of clearance be created by loosening off the exhaust system on the near side and moving away from the frame. (I realise I’d need to replace at least the header gasket here)?

I was really enjoying the bike until winter arrived and would like to get it sorted for spring. The only other niggly issue is that the standard screen directs the airflow right to my head at 70. Up to 60 all is fine however, then its downhill all the way. Unfortunately as the screen is part of the touring fairing (with the integral indicators) I don’t think there exists anything taller or of a different design?

Anyway I thought I’d ask if anyone has detail of a fix for these issues. Happy new year to you all and I hope to meet some of you at the Scottish Rally later this year.


it is possible that the bike has fallen over and bent the mounting bracket slightly, it might be worth slackening the silencer mountings and clamp, removing it and inspecting the mounting by eye, and then bending it back gently
as for the screen, this could be due to your height, the Italians tend to be a little shorter than us
you can purchase screen extenders, a sort of lip that fits on the top, and adjust to place you in a clear airflow
my breva screen chucks it into my visor, but I prefer that as it keeps me awake on long trips
, but I know some other owners have fitted the screen extenders