Even more V7 information please.

Two questions this time:
What can I expect to get to the gallon? Just measured it top to top following last weeks run to the Vee Twin and believe she is doing 68 miles per gallon.
Is there a known vibration zone at or around 3750 rpm? Mine is happy at 3500 or above 4000 but feels rough at 3750.Â
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Mine’s a year or two older with the twin throttle bodies and is giving me 55-60mpg, down to 45 loaded up and making good progress :wink:
Any vibration patch is difficult to pin down, tending to move around the rev range as the motor beds in. Keep rolling the throttle and you can almost feel it ironing out.


This could equate to where the engine is purposefully lean for emission regs.
I find on the open road 4000rpm minimum keeps things happy on my Lil’Breva.

Mid 60’s MPG from my V7 II with mixed riding. I too have noticed the engine vibration around 3000-3700 RPM, not bad just more “rough” than the nice vibrations below 3000. As Iandunmore said it seems to smooth out at 4000 and above.

Thank you chaps.