Ever considered Mikuni carbs

Mikuni round slide tuning baseline
Updated: 2006 Dec 22

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Thanks to Mike Tiberio for providing this information. In his own words…

Recently there was a Mikuni carb setup for a SP 1000 on ebay. I bid, but didn’t win. I contacted the seller (Steve Braun), and asked if he would share the jetting information he learned in setting them up.
These carbs are available from pro-flo.com for $90 new, but without a baseline, you could easily spend that much buying tuning parts to get this close. He sent me the following info (with selected edits by me).
Here are the particulars for the Mikuni setup for the SP 1000.

VM32 round slides
2.5 Cutaways
159P0 needle barrels (I think he means atomizers or needle jets here)
6DH3 needles clipped at the middle position
170 main jets
35 pilots
2.0 air jets
Some notes:

The SP1000 was completely stock.
Both intake manifolds are # 14115002 (Right Side). The left carb won’t fit with stock left manifold, the carb hits the motor.
The intake manifolds should be blended on the inside to match the carb opening.
The air cleaners are K&N RU-1730.
The installation fits very neatly if the battery is not oversized. I used a sealed Interstate unit: Y60-N24AL-B
The carburetors came from Stan Smith at Rocky Point Cycle 937-376-9792
Courtesy of Greg Benders site, well worth browsing some very interesting info on rebuilding a tourque converter and loads of other info

I considered this and even went so far as to get hold of a pair (from a Kawasaki 750 I seem to remember) but I didn’t pursue it as spares availability for the older diaphragm carbs was very poor. The modern carbs all run at a very steep downdraft angle and are not suitable for horizontal mounting.
gtmdriver2012-05-13 09:27:45

Hi IainDid you get a pair of Mikunis#?have you sorted out air filters that suit?thanksAndy

That Spada set up should work for just about All the non Le Mans 1000cc bikes and the 850’s Those are “normal” carbs with a float bowl under and round barrels, The diafragm carbs as fitted to Virago’s and some other Kawasakis would NOT work on a Guzzi I am told they are awful carbs to work on and very very expensive for parts the OE diafragms come in at £110 EACH Pattern parts are over £55 each in fact there is a Company in the uSA does a 2:1 inlet with 40mm round barrel float carb for $300USD for the 535 and other Viragos.

Not only does it work better, released the tourque and power earlier down the rev range BUT makes the bike more economical inc top end and finally with 1 carb and airfilter on the end LOOKS more Harleyish.

The air filter for the Mikuni would be a K&N type I guess