Ever felt a right whally? (Also posted i

I did today. Wheeled out the Griso to give it blast for the first time in a few weeks, pressed the button - nothing. Not even a click!

Having done the ‘start relay mod’ not long before the last ride I suspected that. So skirt panel off, replace wiring as it was originally. No difference.

Was the battery OK? I got my ‘spare car battery’ out and jumped it to the Griso. No difference.

I wheeled it back into the garage and settled down with the wiring diagram and meter. I was getting +12v to the start relay, but the start relay was not pulling in. Could it be an ECU fault? What else? Kill switch was set correctly. Clutch switch - shouldn’t affect it in neutral.

NEUTRAL! It must be in neutral as I’ve been wheeling it around. But 'ang on, I don’t remember seeing two lights lit on the panel. Should see stand light, and neutral light.

Switched ignition on again - after the self test, only the stand light was lit! Oh dear… failed neutral switch?

Moved the gear pedal a fraction; there was small click, and the neutral light came on. Pressed the button - and she churned and roared into life!

Switched off, re-did the relay mod, tried again - still OK!

Panels on, tools away, helmet, jacket, gloves on, and go riding!

So there was nothing wrong after all! But so low was my confidence in the bike starting OK after all those blown fuses prior to doing the relay mod that when it didn’t I immediately assumed the worst instead of checking the obvious. Doh!

Lesson learned!GZK6NK2013-11-19 21:46:14

Everyone does it now and again. Well worth posting. ALWAYS check the obvious FIRST is a lesson well worth remembering…

Did exactly the same on the Norge some time back, but fortunately realised before I started to rearange the wiring.Brian UK2013-11-20 08:31:29

In a rush one morning got the V11 out turned it on all the lights but the B***er would not start I was about to:-
Kick it
Get the V1000 out
Jump up and down


Of course it started right away

I looked but no- one was watching…ho hum…

Got home lunch time and Annie pipes up “What was up with the V11, did you forget to pull the clutch it?”

HOW did she KNOW !

This is why I seldom use the kill switch, been there, got the red face.G.

Yes, I spent some time after an MOT trying to start the Spada. I never use the kill switch, but they did.

No Michael do not get involved in another kill switch usage augument desist stop curtail

A good friend of mine who had recently passed his test and got himself a V7 wanted to go for a rideout, me and another mate took him round the New forest part way there bike suddenly dies…and being a newb was franticly trying to figure things out when we returned and pulled up next to him …“what’s up Pierpaolo?”…"bike just stopped "
he was just about th start stipping stuff when we noticed kill switch was on …he had flipped it switching heated grips on …Doh…we remind him every now and then.

Moral of the story…try the easy stuff firstAndroid2014-03-11 05:09:40