Exhaust Blueing

At last got my 2023 V7 Special out after 4 months hibernation in the garage. Did around 25 miles and upon returning home I noticed that the LHS down pipe had got a lovely blue hue to it but the RHS was still silver in colour . Is this usual . I thought that they would discolour the same as my Bonnevilles do. Any thoughts.
Chris Jackson.

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I would have a look;
:speech_balloon:at your LHS exhaust valve clearance.
:speech_balloon:in the tank. Turn you ignition off 1st. Then open the tank. Whilst watching the fuel for stirring, switch the ignition on. If the fuel stirs, you may have a split fuel pip in the tank.

Thanks for that info. Unfortunately the bike is less than 12 months old has only done 840 miles and had a full first service in December 2023 at the local Guzzi dealers in Rochdale.
I cannot believe that the above will apply to a new bike.
I will monitor the situation.
Chris Jackson

Hi Jacko, my 2022 v7 special is exactly the same! took it in to my dealer who checked it out they found nothing wrong. On a walk around last year`s Guzzi fest it would appear that this is a common problem so I think my dealer was telling the truth. Hope this helps!

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Certainly does. I will still monitor the situation though.

I’ve got a 2023 V7 Special 850. I’ve only ridden it 6 times ( got it late Jan 24) I’m up to 650 miles now and it’s booked in for the first service in 2 weeks.

My exhausts seemed fine until they got to 450 miles and then the down pipes turned blue. I’ve tried cleaning them up but without gain.

Obviously I’ve heard that this is normal so I guess we just have to put up with it. That said it’s not a problem I was just surprised so early on

It’s a known “problem” When it is one downpipe only dealers have been known to exchange the pipes under warranty.
Agree with Cabernet in terms of potential causes besides faulty exhaust. It is not unknown for valve clearances to be incorrect following servicing/PDI. OHV engines are not common and can confuse mechanics in the car and bike trade.

:+1: Cheers many thanks

Many thanks :+1:

“OHV engines are not common…”


Oh how things have changed…

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Over Head Valves not common. Takes me back to my youth.

And I thought I was the pedantic one…

OHV = pushrod engine = pre OHC

Or did I miss some sarcasm? :thinking:

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Sarcasm on here? You’re having a laugh! :rofl:

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Hi Jacko,
I had the same problem after only 50 miles. You can see the photo on the post I opened recently.
And it happened only in the LHS bend of the pipe, nothing in the RHS.
I am trying to apply some autosol but I don;t think it can be turned back to the original chrome…

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If you have an ifra-red thermometer It can be useful to see what each side is doing. I have one so after I tune my bike it is a useful indicator that it has been done properly.
Alternatively, the wind may be blowing/ cooling on one side only, but changing direction by the time you ride home

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Recently serviced. Has the blue started since the last service? An under tolerance exhaust valve gap would give no symptom other than letting burning gases into the the exhaust.

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Looking at it again I think its always been like that since purchase.
100 miles around the Yorkshire Dales last Wednesday and no issues with the running of the bike and no worsening of the condition. I will monitor the situation as this seems to be a issue with a few. I was looking on Auto trader and a used V7 special with 1200 miles on the clock has the same issue looking at the photos RHS ok LHS blueing.

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I would have expected the right side to be the one that goes blue first as the first bend is closer on the right than the left. The left cylinder is slightly further back than the right.