exhaust flange over T295 exhust headers

Hi all,

I’ve just bought replacement exhaust headers, but they have short bolts fitted below the second bend, which I think are blanks for exhaust gas testing apertures. The trouble is that I can’t get the exhaust flanges over the bulge in the header pipe (I can get the exhaust collet over it) . I’ve attached a picture. I’m not worried about replacing the flange - as you can see, the existing one is pretty manky - but I don’t know what to order. Any suggestions, please?

Thanks in anticipation,

Exhaust flange.jpg

Can you file a slot in the flanges? It won’t need to be very deep.

Thanks Simon,

I did think, shortly after I’d posted this, that a bit of light Dremel action would make an early win! I’ll give it a go.


I’d use a square file, rather than the Dremel, and make sure it “rattles on”, as if when you push it on, it won’t come off, it’ll be a bit of a PITA if you need to take it off. The file won’t fit any more, and it’ll take forever with Emery cloth!!!

Changed the front pipes on the 1000s for some 1100 sport ones and had a similar problem, I used cali ev flanges and some split collars, (flange goes on from the engine end):+1:

Thanks, all. I’ve dremelled it to a loose rattly fit and sent the two flanges to Doug Taylor in Weston-Super-Mare to be re-chromed (£15 each). I’ll check that they still have a rattly fit before I finally fit them.