Fairing repair - LM3

Hi,I need to get my Lemans 3 front fairing repaired. It is all there but just with a few big cracks. Can anyone recommend anyone to me. I just went to a guy in Oxford and to be honest he spent about 15 seconds looking at the fairing not even seeing all the damage before quoting me £350 to repair and repaint it. I did not get the feeling he really wanted to do it.Thanks Eddie.

If he really can properly repair and repaint a GRP fairing for £350 I would take his hand off.

start with local body shops, esp ones that do tvr or scimiter etc

If it is GRP try the local boat builders etc they will be able to repair the fibreglass then take it else where to get it painted

Fibre galss repair you can do it mate, you hve to clean the old stull and feather the edges then get a kit froma boat or car repairer, layer the fibre glass and finish with the flexible putty rub then paint, I repaired the rear fairing on the V11 and you cannot see where it was done.



That “How to” site is brilliant helped me repair all sorts inc the fibreglass rear fairing and a cooker top as well as the electric windows on the car

Word of warning Eddie, some of the later fairings are not GRP, I think my LM3 one was more of an ABS type material which require a different repair but any competent supplier should be able to tell you what is needed.Cheers, Gerry.

Do you have any photos of the damage? If I could see the extent of the damage inside and out I could give you a better idea of how to proceed.

I have done a lot of GRP fabrication.

I do GRP seminars and I wrote this book and DVD


so I may be able to give you some reasonably detailed advice.

I will take some to show you. I have seen your work, I did buy a front and rear guard from you for my Cali 3 some years ago.Edd