Falcone swingarm

The swingarm on my 1960 Falcone is slightly twisted. Can anyone recommend a frame repairer who might be able to fix it?

Not sure how heavy duty a Falcone swing arm is, but the one on my Stornello was bent. A friend has a press that took the worst of it out, then we found you could actually bend it by hand when clamped in a vice.

Thank you. The Falcone swing arm is quite heavily built. I’ve managed to correct a fair amount of the twist with heat, a hydraulic press and a scissor jack, but I’ve got to the stage where I fear that if I do any more I might start to make it worse.

I may end up having to try to find a straight replacement, or make a new one.

On mine, one leg was bent and when that was corrected, the two legs were not running parallel. Like you we used a hydraulic press. It was surprising that the individual legs could be aligned just with the main cross tube held in a vice.

Thanks. This is definitely worth a try. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.