Fast Indicator flashing

Hello All,

I was told by a dealer that they ALL do it so can you confirm that the V85TT has its indicators flashing at a rapid rate compared to most other bikes??


The MOT regulations for indicators is, Flasing between 60 and 120 a minute, LED’s tend to flash slightly faster than regular bulbs, As long as there is a pause between flashes I would say thats OK, With regular bulbs on some bikes if one lamp goes out the other will flash at twice the speed.
The simplest test would be stand two bikes side by side with indicators on but until you are able to do that don’t loose any sleep

They are a little bit faster but not as bad as my jap bike when I replaced the bulb indicators with LEDs, fixe father with resistors inline.
The V85 sometimes gives a quicker flash when I first press the button then slows down to a regular speed.