Fasteners/Bolts for 1200sport 8v

My 1200 Corsa Rossa has been stored for nearly 18mths in what I thought was a dry secure environment however, over that time the fasteners have started to corrode badly. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a supplier of fastener/bolt kits for these bikes? Or if there is such a thing as a list of size and types of fasteners used?
Best regard’s, Richard

I have used Shaw Engineering but their prices seem to have crept up over time.

When I replace fasteners I take out the bolt I’m going to replace, measure its thread diameter and length (under head) with vernier calipers, then check the tread pitch with a thread pitch gauge, to make sure it is standard and no a course or fine thread, then I check the nut, is it plain, domed or nylock and also check the depth. Write all of this down with a description of where it goes back. Don’t forget the finish (you may want the stamped numbers polished off). You can go round the bike one fastener at a time until you have recorded all that you want to change then send your list out to get prices from suppliers.

You will have to go all of the bolts that you want to replace unless some kind owner has already done this and will send you their list. As far as I am aware there is no kit you can buy for the whole lot. This exercise takes a while but at least it gets you familiar with your bike.

Remember you do not have to do it all at once!

Good luck

Thanks very much - comprehensive reply :slight_smile:
It sounds a lot of work so I may just begin with a brass brush and Autosol. I’d have to first equip myself with all the tools you mentioned to catalogue them all. Perhaps just do some of bigger and more obvious ones.

Thread pitch gauges are not expensive even if stainless steel. You need also to measure length and diameter, I use a vernier caliper but a good steel ruler will do. Work your way through at your own pace, but remember the more you can get in one order the less the postal charges will be overall.

Have fun!

Ive always found Westfield to be good.