Fatal incident - can you help the Lincs Police? Update!

Hi all I got an email from the Lincolnshire police asking for help, please see below

John Siddle (John.siddle@lincolnshire.gov.uk)

Good afternoon, I am trying to find a 850 Le Mans for a police reconstruction
of a fatal incident in Lincolnshire. If any of your members have such a
machine and are willing to lend it to us for the day please contact me on my
email address.

I hope someone can and will help them. Thanks guys


I thought you all might want to have an update on this, whilst we can’t bring the biker back we could at least help to shed light on the accident which will give the widow some closure and establish the cause of the accident.

One of our Club members - Graham - who lives in Lincolnshire offered his Le Mans to the Police to help with the investigation.
He rode it yesterday to the place of the accident. The police had the roads cordened off and a very experienced Police Bike Rider took the Le Mans and made about 5 or 6 runs with the bike at various speeds in front of forensic accident investigators, traffic division, Police engineers and others including Police liaison and welfare officers who were taking the greatest care of the widow. The whole thing lasted about 3 hours.
The best friend and the widow thanked Graham for his help in reconstructing the cause of the accident.

It is very reassuring that the police took so much care in investigating and not automatically put the cause of the accident onto the biker.

Take care on the roads

Fantastic news tat the club were able to help.