Faulty OBD Connector Cables

Just a quick heads-up. I recently purchased a OBD to 3-pin diagnostic adapter cable (same as Fiat/Alfa) via eBay and the seller then informed me that the batch had been made with the data-pinout reversed. He provided a wiring diagram, which on checking against the Alfa forum was wrong and the part he supplied was correct!In the mean-time I had purchased another from a different seller. I now have two good ones, but you should be aware that these are out in the wild.Correct pinout can be found at the Fiat and Alfa forums (various).

Thanks for that, just venturing into connecting the EV to a laptop.
Do you have a link for the EBay seller?
All the best

They are widely available on eBay. My original came from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Lenco-Motor-Spares-Ltd?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 (although his current advert states £54-75 and not the £5-00 I paid!) and the second from http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FIAT-ALFA-ROMEO-LANCIA-3-PIN-to-16-PIN-ODB2-EOBD-CAR-FAULT-CODE-DIAGNOSTIC-CABLE-/171089691377?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:GB:3160.As there are rogue connectors out there you can check pinouts at

http://pinoutsguide.com/CarElectronics/fiat_car_obd_ii_pinout.shtml.At least the incorrect pins are not powered, but data; so will not damage anything on the bike.




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Thanks for that,

“lonelec” do the fiat/OBD and USB cables for Guzzi’s to hook up to your PC for diagnostics.
the GUZZI OBD spring fingers inside the female conector sometimes bend loose and dont make a good connection with the male OBD pins.
LONELEC are UK based and have the guaranteed latest chip in the cable.Californhihay2014-08-12 19:36:22

Spot on!
Will give them a look,

I am not faliliar with “lonelec”. However, “chip in the cable” sounds suspicious. The Guzzi diagnostic capability is limited, especially the early ECUs.The Fiat/Alfa cable is a simple wiring job; no chips needed for an OBD scanner. Would be needed for direct PC connection.

Apologies for my typing. Should be “familiar”.

I understand your comment now. The lonelec kit is the basic FIAT adapter plus OBD>USB interface. I have tried the basic cable using hand-held OBD readers (Autel and Memoscan), but cannot connect (connection error reported). So I have ordered a lonelec cable an downloaded the GuzziDiag software.Thanks for you advice.

I acquired a lonelec cable and GuzziDiag, but get a repeated “Ignition Off” dialog when trying to connect, despite ignition being definitely on and the lonelec usb elead being power up (LED on). Seems like your loose pin problem.Any experience in tightening up these pins to make a sound connection?

I used used a large sewing needle to bend the very small spring flap inside the guzzi plug to make a contact. the fault was on the bike side not the cable side. I found this by flexing the connector when both parts where plugged together trying to find if a wire had broke as it worked for a month or so then stopped working. now it is 100% ok for 3 months.
the ignition off is when the cable is not seeing the bike at all I think, as i tried for a few hours before finding the loose pin.
[/IMG]Californhihay2014-09-20 16:08:08

Thanks for that; I will give it a try. I have a connector ejection kit that may do the job. Normally I would simply eject the pins and do it from outside the plug casing, but Guzzi have set the pins into the plug casing with resin - so that is no-go.As a last resort I can always fit a new plug (www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk) and even extend the cable so that you can get to it without removing the side-panel.

I can get the plug on mine without side panel removal, the cable just needed a bit of a reroute to free up a little extra length.when you have it running Can we exchange lambda readings to see if the are similar on start up, warm idle and with some revs etc.

Will do, but may take a short while as I am awaiting wiring parts (adjusting the original was not successful) and finish the rebuild after clutch replacement on my 1100i)