Faulty petrol gauge

Anyone used a UK company to fix a faulty petrol gauge? or should I look for a replacement?

any suggestions would be great thank you!

welcome @Stevomac - if you share your model/year someone might be able to chip in with first-hand knowledge

Hi All
I have a 2009 1200 sport.
thanks in advance

This conversation may give you some clues about the problem.

thanks Don,

anyone else with faulty fuel gauge issues please?

Depends on what the problem is as there is a mix of mechanical and electronic?

I think you mean it could be a faulty fuel sender or gauge so I need to work that one out first?

the fault I have is that the reserve light flashes all the time and the fuel gauge shows empty…

The fuel gauge in the tank is a mechanical item and the resistance can be checked It may have got stuck in the low position or there is a wiring fault between the dash and the sender. Mine only flashes when I am really low so it it is probably one of those!

Really helpful, thank you!
Now I need someone in Devon who can help me perform such black arts!

Just come up on a Facebook post, there’s a recommended guy in Somerset,Mike Rusell de Clifford, an ex Moto Corsa guy so he should know his stuff. Bramble Cottage, Foddington, Somerset. TA11 7EL

brilliant - thank you - I’ve contacted him so lets see.

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