February Meeting

tonight at the Waggon and Horses.

Unfortunately I am not able to be there. I had a text from Andrew P who is planning to go - It would be great if we could use the forum to keep everyone up to date.

I know some folks use Facebook, but I don’t, so that isn’t much help.

I am planning to be at the March meeting and it would be great to discuss the ride out, and any other suggestions members might have for Guzzi-based entertainment over the summer. Hopefully as the weather improves, and the evenings get lighter, there will be a few more takers.

ride safe

Looks like not a lot of interest tonight so I think I’ll pass tonight and come to the next one - Andrew
I have been renovating my Spada during lockdown so I can spend the time in the shed to try and get it finished for the upcoming season.
PS thought the round Kent ride was a good idea and I would be up for it depending on dates etc


thanks for the note & hope to see you in March