Ferries to Scandinavia

DFDS Will be closing their Harwich/Esjberg route in September - but all is not lost!

You can go on the DFDS truck ferry from Immingham to Brevik Norway route

It looks expensive but if you consider the options and the fact they you would have to ride 800 odd miles just to get to Brevik its worth a look. PLUS you get your scran on board

Oh - you can only book a month in advance tris2014-08-20 12:09:52

Good old Mingming!!

I booked the freight boat from Immingham to Esjberg with DFDS. I was back shifted for 2 days.

Priority is given to freight, even if you have a firm booking.


2 days in Immingham? A nightmare. I should know. I was stuck there for 30 years.

30 years, blimey how many did you kill?

Got washed up on the shore one day and had to wait for them to build a road out.

This service is now closed to bikes.