Fiberglass mudguards for a EV ?

Does anyone know if anybody manufacturers these particularly a rear?.


Someone on here did make these. His name has completely gone from my brain.
I believe he has now sold his Cali and was offering the moulds with the bike. I’m surprised no one else has chipped in with a contribution on this.
I do know someone who is very good at reproducing such items in Fibre glass if you have something half decent to use as a former. No idea how much he would charge.
Based near Lutterworth in South Leicestershire
He made this from GRP, so knows his stuff

The Bloke who made his own, (cracking job) is gtmdriver,

That’s the name I was trying to remember. I did hear he had sold his cali and was offering the moulds with the bike.
Try dropping him a private message to see if he still has them.

Any progress made on this?

I’ve got a pair of EV glass fibre mudguards which could be used to produce moulds.