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This may be a basic question for some but don’t have a manual to hand so perhaps someone can enlighten me at short notice. The oil filter on a V11 sport, do you have to take off the sump as per Tonti framed models to replace? Is there a separate little gause filter on the oil pump that people would take the sump off to clean now and again anyway?

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Not as far as I know, just the trapdoor filter.Never bothered with the gauze filter on my Mk111 in 140,000miles + anyway.

Undo the big nut at the back of the sump FIRST cos i didn’t as i got mesmerised by yon trap door and let me tell you the oil DO come out fast

But to be fair I now take the sump off as although you can axcess the filter thro’ the trap door that way I make sure it is properly tightened on (There have been cases where it came off) and check the gauze and clean it, they DO need a clean now and again Ian bud, really they do. That way you can also check for any crud or sludge in the sump, I have in the past found these.

Mind you since I have owned my V1000 with regular oil changes, filter every other oil change never found sludge or any crap BUT it depends how and where you ride , short journeys take more out of the oil then longer ones.

Thanks for the advice. The trap door certainly needs one big Allen socket! Does anyone know what size I need to get?

Personally i have never used the trapdoor it is a very fine thread, and supposedly easy to cross. Far easier to take off the sump and then you get a good look inside and access to the mesh filter which needs cleaned as well.grossohc2014-04-16 07:20:51

More woes!

Took the sump off no problem, all very clean inside.

Tried to unscrew the filter and it’s stuck fast. Tried an oil filter wrench, small chain type, still won’t budge although its not a great fit. Tried the ultimate of drifting it round but it’s still no go. What am I missing? Is a right hand thread?

Its been put on by someone who has read about them undoing themselves, apply some more blood and flesh to nearby objects. I believe some people fit a large jubilee clip (once fitted) to ensure the new filter doesn’t come undone. Me, I don’t worry about such things, the rattling clutch on my scura gives me more than enough to stress about!

If it’s the usual cartridge with ‘rubber’ sealing ring, same as the Tonti’s (?), I think the manuals say just do it up hand tight, BUT MUST wet the sealing ring with oil first. Never had one come loose and usually need more welly to undo it. I think tap it around at the base with hammer and screwdriver usually works. HTH

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Eventually managed to get the filter off but it took a lot of doing and was pretty mashed up.

Put the new one on with a smear of oil on the sealing ring.

Filled up very carefully with the correct amount of recommended oil and took out for a spin of thirty miles or so.

Everything was fine but the clutch under heavy acceleration has started slipping a bit which seemed odd. So got back home, with bike upright looked at the dipstick once it had been wiped and screwed back in and it did seem to be slightly above the full mark. I’ve had to drain nearly half a litre before it will come back to the top of the full hatchings on the dipstick. If the engine has thus pushed oil passed the rear bearing seal and on to the clutch plate is the only remedy to take the engine and gearbox out which seems a huge task!!

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Not sure how V11 is different to the older Tontis, but for the latter case if it is rear bearing seal leaking it still can’t get to the clutch plates from there, because is still outside of the flywheel. (?) Does gearbox bell housing have the little drain slot at the bottom, and if so are there signs of oil coming from there? “Filled up very carefully with the correct amount of recommended oil” ~ i.e., you measured it? Not use the dipstick? Again for the older Tontis it’s 3L if you DON’T drop the sump and change filter cartridge, 3.5L if you do. I measure mine it but still check gthe dipstick after to double-check. ^ That assumes you got a mainstand of course (and it’s on the level) HTH? Appendix: if you measured it in but it was still too much, over full, you must be looking at capacity numbers that are wrong for the V11?
Mike H2014-04-23 21:14:25

Get yourself over to all the info you need is there.

Forgot about them, there ya go


What is? LOL

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I’ve searched the forum as I seem to remember someone buying off ebay a filter removal tool that just fitted over the complete filter with a socked extension?. Can anyone remember seeing this or know what size (mm) and the number of flutes that a UFI filter would have? Thanks in advance


I have a chain and socket type filter removal tool, you can also get them with a webbing strap instead of the chain
These are universal

I bought mine from Corsa Italiana, it came with a hex to undo the trap door.

Big screwdriver and hammer?

I just tap it round using the screwdriver like a chisel on the bottom lip, mind you that’s on a Tonti bike…

But for the first time ever on any engine, I can now say that I have used a chain wrench on the X10’s one. :open_mouth: