Filtering through traffic on a 1200 sport


I have a 1200 sport, which I have to say I quite like.

The only trouble I have with it, is that it is a pain to filter through stationary traffic.
The bars are wide - the mirrors even wider, and all around car wing mirror height.
For the first time ever I can’t always get to the front of the queue.

I think I might start working locally soon, which means commuting on the bike through very stop start traffic.
So I think I need a solution.

Narrower bars (maybe clip-ons with risers? ) would help.
Don’t really want to ditch the mirrors completely, but don’t mind having to move a bit to see properly behind

I was just wondering if anyone has come up with a good solution.


Not come up with a solution as such but I did experience the same feeling when I started riding my Stelvio in to London. My previous adventure style bikes all had narrower bars and the Stelvio also has the bar weights/handguards beyond so it really does feel wide. I’m pretty sure its wider than the Sport.

I eventually have become more used to it and enjoy the filtering, including this morning. I do occasionally have to pop back into the queue to let another biker pass through if the gaps are tight but I seem to catch up with them eventually. The Stevio bars should pass over most car mirrors easily but they are right in line with the MPVs and Transit vans!

Only once did I clunk a mirror but no damage to either vehicle. I imagine the language in the van went blue for a few seconds, though :blush:

The clutch on the 1200 Sport will be similar to the Stelvio and for me, this is a bigger filtering issue than the bars. After a mile or so of Blackwall Tunnel traffic, covering/using the clutch, I know my hand has had a good workout!


The panniers are even wider than the bars on my Stelvio! :unamused:
This diagram below is useful too.

Thanks for all that.

I was looking at the Fatbars but in reality their narrowest option is only about the same as the 1200s 760mm bars
Might be able to trim them down though. And maybe get some shorter bar end weights?

Currently I have removed the mirrors and I think they are the main culprit.
Not a long term solution though!

Renthal do make a narrower OEM bar for the new Suzuki GSX-S1000.
That is 724mm wide, but is only available through Suzuki part number 56111-04K00.
Clamping length “D” is only 110mm though. Don’t know what you need for your Sport.
SeeÂ Â Â

Wow they are narrow aren’t they.
I measured a Tuono and they look to be 740mm.
Having played in the traffic last week the real problem is the mirrors though.
Must be able to find some after-market ones which stick out less

I will do a tour of the bike shops with a tape measure…


You need one of those lids with a camera at the back and a head up display!

if changing bars be careful. There is a hole in the right hand side bar which corresponds to a little pokey out thing on the throttle assembly. This ‘pokey out thing’ is to prevent rotation of the assembly when turning the throttle, and I think also acts as the earth connection for the starter switch. If you try to clamp the throttle assembly without this spigot going into the bars, it will not sit flush and worse still strip the thread in the plastic. Then you also have to ensure sufficient space to mount the levers before the bar changes in diameter to fit the 1" clamps.
I changed my bars for Aprilia ones to raise them up and come back a bit as the originals were too hard on the wrists (getting old!!!)