Fin repair

Hi All,

What’s the consensus (!) on getting broken cylinder head fins repaired - when you don’t have the missing fragments?

Is there a tried and tested expert who can do this anyone could recommend?

Am I better off replacing the heads if I want a perfect bike :slight_smile:


Er…well Guy does it on jap stuff…but the finish on guzzi motors is more textured…a bit harder to blend in…

I had a piece of missing fin replaced on one of my V7Sport heads and you can’t see the repair. Was done some 15 or so years ago by SRM engineering in Aberystwyth, the BSA people.

Thanks for the ideas, much appreciated :smiley: I see NLM also seem to offer this but I think it would be pricey

If you get stuck pm me…x

Good old Stuart at NLM will sort it but remember he is never knowingly over sold :wink:

Any more details than just NLM please guys? Do you mean North Leicester M/Cs?


Yes mate, North Leicester Motorcycles is what I meant

Must try to keep tongue in check here

Stuart might be able to repair it but I know he will charge the Earth and most likely a bit of Mars for it

what bike is it off as i have a few brand new round block ones even brand new one also got a pair of newly twin plugged ones that are as good as new as i aquablast them

if getting it welded afterwards have them aqua-blasted as it will blend them all together i used to clean some aluminium canal lock keys that were welded out of 3 different types of aluminium cast - and drawn square tube and turned bar - once blasted they all looked the same

Yep you just need to look at the bike prices at NLM to see they are not shy of charging top dollar.

Thanks for the advice on aqua blasting, good idea.

My bike is LM1; I’ve considered getting replacement heads - Gutsibits have ‘em and indeed whole engines but as I’m finding out with these bikes, it costs. At the mo’ I’m looking at options but in truth any action will need to wait until I get some cash.


cannot help you on the Le-Mans MK1 heads as i only have 2 on a compete engine and they are needed
all the bare spares i have are the ones for the spada/ G5 etc with smaller valves

Thanks :smiley:

No worries, thanks

thanks for that

There are engineering companies that will mod Spada/T3 heads to LM standard, had a pair done in Rye but the company is no longer there.